1st June 2021 Provident Fund, New Rule

EPFO has taken a big decision regarding Provident Fund. As per the information, the new rule will be applicable on the PF account from June 1, 2021. Now the employer has been given the responsibility to make your account Aadhaar verified.

If they fail to do so can lead to the stoppage of employer contribution credited to your account. Therefore, it is important that you link your PF account with Aadhaar in time. UAN should also be Aadhaar verified


Hi Dinesh,

Thanks for info…any document references is there…pls share.



Sure @Akila

Here is the circular copy.

31052021_LEI_02.pdf (141.7 KB)


Hi Dinesh,

I had received SMS yesterday from PF department on the same and from today this will be in action. In such a short time we will not be able to verify .
My only worry is will we able to pay May-21 contribution if employee Aadhar not verified?

Kindly throw some light on this.


Hi @Arpana

Since the new rule is coming into effect from today, this becomes mandatory for us to do, and there could also be a delay in remittance due to this.

But I feel there should not be more employees in an Org, with this case.

Hi Dinesh,

Yes, but due to name mismatch with PAN and Aadhar , your Aadhar will not be verified. To correct either documents it will take time then in that case how do we pay contribution.

I feel they should have given us some time implement this.


True agreed! Let me see how others are filing this month and keep you posted if any extension or exclusion is given by PF dept.

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Agreed @Arpana

Let me await any hints that I get on this issue.

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