Employees not verified aadhaar with UAN portal


Many of employees have not verified aadhaar with UAN portal or their aadhaar details are not matching to UAN. What are the options to get this corrected?


hi Ramya

Aadhaar will not be mentioned for those members if it is not seeded. you down load the member list from employer log in.
you need to inform for all those member to log in to their UAN & request for name change & select the present employer for approval.



If the Aadhaar details like name, DOB is not match with the record, ask that particular member to update the required details by login to PF employee portal and change the KYC details. The Present employer got the notfication for approving the KYC. Then you approve the KYC and you are able to make the PF payment.

Amruta K

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instruction on Change of members profile.pdf (216.7 KB)
You can check the instructions issued by department in this regard.

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