Background verification process for an employee


What are the mandatory documents required from the candidates for a background verification process?
Is medical test also included in the mandatory list?

Please share suggestions.



Hi Ann,

Mandatory documents could be:

Relieving Letter
Salary /Pay Slip
Experience Letter
Full and Final Settlement Sheet (Even this sheet capture many details of previous company).

Medical Test was not mandatory but due to covid its depend on company to company. If company wants this certificate should be included then I think we can do so.

Hope this information will be useful.



Details needed to for Background Verification:-

A. Employment Check

  1. Appointment Letter/Offer Letter of Previous companies
  2. Relieving Letter & Experience Letter of Previous Companies
  3. Position and Dates of Employment

B. Education Check

  1. Education Certificates
  2. Name of Institute & Year of Passing

C. Address Check

  1. Permanent Address
  2. Current Address

D. Criminal Check

  1. Full Name (Gazette if any Name changes done)
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Complete Address
  4. Fathers Name

There are different practices based on company policies and client requirements. Based on that BGV requirements could vary, However in general, seeing that organizations are interested in verifying the previous experience in at least two organizations (including the last served one), academic profile (the highest), permanent address, and checks for criminal background (through police or private detectives). Medical checkup is a joining formality but not a BGV item in most organizations.

There are plenty of firms which offer BGV in a seamless manner and they use smart apps to reduce the hr workload and enable process monitoring in an effective manner.

Depends on the kind of coverage, candidate is supposed to share the following

  1. Identity proof
  2. Address proof
  3. Experience Letters
  4. Relieving letter
  5. Employment references
  6. Form 16/12 BB
  7. Degree Certificate & Marksheets
  8. Declaration about police case/court proceedings
  9. Details regarding area police station
  10. Proof that the candidate is residing in the address for some time (current address proof)

The list can grow as some MNC clients require a very comprehensive check, post company BGV. The employee is supposed to be in bench till get clearance on client initiated BGV.

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