Can an intern be hired to be a billable resource?

Can an intern be hired to be a billable resource? Is there any law that mentions that interns cannot be placed as a billable resource?


Hi Swedha,

It depends upon the place of hiring (territory i.e., India or any other country), and whether the intern is paid any sum on agreed terms in writing.

In India, we don’t have explicit laws governing internships.

If the intern is hired in India, and is paid, if such hire runs for a term that may qualify the intern to come under the ambit of any employment laws, then such intern can be a billable resource.

Generally internships are for a very short and limited period; and mostly not paid. Paid internships depends upon industry to industry. Hence the chances of a paid intern coming under the ambit of employment laws as mentioned above is quite narrow.

Nevertheless, the non-billable resources are brought under the overheads, and/or shared resources if applicable.

Though our employment laws while defining the worker / employer distinguishes apprentices and excludes them from the definition, are silent about interns.

Bhuvana Anand