Digital signatures- how does it work?


How can we set up digital signatures in our system? How does it work?



Hi Prabha,

Your IT team will set up DS in your PC or desktop .



Is this to sign Form 16? or for some other digital signing purpose


Thanks @Arpana @Sree for the suggestions.

We are looking into possibilities of updating some current manual presence to digital. We want to know the broader use so we could think more on it.


Hi Prabha,

We have 2 types of signatures:

A. Digital Signatures (DSC) -
These are provided by the certified authorities licensed by the Controller of Certifying Authorities, under the Government of India (for example, emudhra. DSC is authenticated with the Aadhar of a signatory. DSC is used to sign corporate compliance documents (e.g. returns filed with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs), Income Tax, Tenders, Foreign Trade, Banking, Railways, and many other needs. There are a few types of DSC that are provided based on the nature of transactions for which a DSC is required.

B. E-signatures-
These are electronically signed either by
(i)affixing our signatures; or
(ii) choosing any font that the e-sign application provides
E-Signs are available with many service providers such as Adobe, DocuSign, SignDesk, EasySign, DigiSign, etc.
E-Signs are widely used nowadays to execute all documents (for example, Agreements, Letters, Purchase Orders, etc.) to keep our records electronically, enabling a paperless environment as well as time-saving.

Both Digital and Electronic signatures are legally valid, enforceable, and are governed under the Information Technology Act and rules.

While DSC can be availed only through any Certifying Authority, E-sign can be availed by subscribing to any of the E-sign applications by selecting a suitable plan/pricing. You have to read through the security specifications and other features to understand which plan suits the requirement and proceed.

Hope the above helps.

Bhuvana Anand


Thanks @Bhuvana_Anand. Very useful information.


If anyone has more information on information needed to set this up, it would be very useful.

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