Employer responsibilities- work from home

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What are some ways a company/employer can meet their obligatory responsibilities concerning an employee’s health and safety if they are working from home?

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It is important to note that temporary WFH arrangements do not require any permanent adjustment to
the terms and conditions of employment. The arrangements can change in response to updated
directives and the evolving needs of the company.

The term health, in relation to work, indicates not merely the absence of disease or infirmity; it also
includes the physical and mental elements affecting health which are directly related to safety and
hygiene at work.

Employers have the overall responsibility of ensuring that all practicable
preventive and protective measures are taken to minimize occupational risks, and that includes
providing, where necessary and so far as is reasonably practicable, adequate protective clothing
and protective equipment, at no cost to the worker & and appropriate training on OSH [occupational safety and health] and providing measures to deal with emergencies.

However local governance states some rules which are mentioned here: Are there any employment law issues that should be kept in mind while implementing work from home models?

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