Returning to Office, What percentage of employees can work from home?


As per rules, are there points for the employer to follow which mandatorily requires so many % of employees to work in offices so many % can work from home?


There are no mandates known in this regard.
Thank you

Some thoughts on this. The employment and labour law regime in India largely does not deal with situations where the employer comes up with a hybrid model of working.

While employers requiring some employees to work from office and other to work from home, the employer must ensure that neither of the two sets of workers is prejudiced with respect to their benefits, pay, or other aspects of their employment.

A general communication should be made to employees explaining the broad guidelines that the establishment is considering while identifying the employees who would adopt either of the modes of working. It should be clarified that extraneous elements such as the gender of the employee have no bearing in determining the appropriate model of working for an individual.

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