Error: Member is not a member of pension scheme

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Could you plz let me know why we are unable to upload PF statement in PF site . When we uploaded it gives error message as

Error Member is not a member of pension scheme. EPS wages should be zero. found on line numbers: [127, 130, 131, 137]

Could you plz guide us.


Hi @C0025

As far as I knew, it’s mainly because of the EPS column being filled and value being added for an employee in the ECR file wherein that employee is not eligible / EPS account is not created so far.

Employee joining post 2014 Sep is not eligible for EPS (Pension scheme), due to which you might be the error.

I have also uploaded the PF error reports for your reference.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

ECR_ErrorCodesList_14042012.pdf (328.6 KB)


Employee whose wages are above 15000 are not eligible for PS as per the amended rules of EPS via notification dated Aug 22, 2014 and ais applicable from september 1, 2014.

  1. If you want to enroll for EPS show the employee wage below the slab (15000).
  2. Error occurs when you mention the salary above 15000 for EPS column
  3. As per the error code wages are entered wrong for 4 members in the mentioned line numbers. Change the wages to zero for smooth upload.
  4. If you want to enroll those 4 employees to EPS, change their wages to 15000 (probably these 4 employees basic+da are more than 15000).

Despite of doing all these still if you face difficulty share the statement along with your login credentials. I will do it for you.


Thank you very much Mr. Dinesh. You are right. As you said, Now validation is made based on PF wages at the time of entry from January 2021 onwards.



Good Morning Mr.Dinesh,

I have a query with regard to the EPS contribution for employees who have joined after 2014.
If an employee has withdrawn the PF prior to 2014 and taken a break, rejoined after 2014 with basic salary above 15K… will he contribute towards EPS also.



Hi Sarita

No Employee will not be eligible for EPS once if they withdraw the full amount and rejoin again.


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