Ex-Employee rejoining at the same office after a period of time!

Hello team,

We have a few questions on ex-employee rejoining the company back scenario.

  1. Firstly, what is the duration for a rejoin? Are there any set guidelines?

  2. Are there any specific points should be looked into when any ex-employee rejoins the company? In relation to their existing data records

  3. Do the rejoinee have to go through the induction and training mandatory again like a newly joinee?

  4. Will accepting a rejoinee be good practice also?

please share your inputs, additional thoughts as well.




  1. There is no set guidelines. It depends from company to company. Ideally, 1 Year should be min time frame to rejoin.

  2. Most specific point to find out is Post leaving did he/she joined anywhere; if Yes, then reason for leaving that job and Why he/she is willing to join back or interested to come back.

  3. Yes, he should be treated as a New Joinee as if some policies/processes might have changed so it is better to follow your regular practise only and treat as New Employee

  4. Yes, once who were Performers so we can hire them for next level in the company or for the once who went on sabbatical. Avoid taking ex-employee on the same position where he/she was earlier.


Hi @Madhu

An employee rejoining sometimes happens within few days and sometimes after few years. The point to be noted is once the settlement is done and the PF / Retirement benefits are submitted and closed, no matter how many years an employee has worked still it’s considered as a new joiner and all the formalities has to begun again.

Some employer even ask - Can i give the same employee number - It’s not advisable, as all the social schemes need to be created again with new number.

  1. There are no set duration - but if he joins back before the FnF is done and PF is closed - no problem simply resignation can be taken back and considered as a continuity in service.

  2. While rejoining look into employment status in-order to ensure all the documents and retirement schemes are in place and you are also safe from the documentation and back ground check formalities.

  3. Yes - he has to be considered as a new joiner and all the policies and induction process needs to happen again as per the records.

  4. It depends on the candidate and the value he brings to the org.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Hi Madhu … after replying by Dinesh wanted to add you can remove the probation period time for 6 months from the contract letter only in case of rejoin if employee spend good 5 years with the organization and should give all the benefit from the day one , just to make him/her release that still employee is important for the company .

i hope this will help ! :slight_smile:


@vineeta Nice point. I infact missed this one.

You make a good HR :slight_smile:

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I agree to the details provided by Ankit and Madhu. Usually, a year should be good. It is very important to check past records, mainly reasons of leaving the first time. Hiring re-joiners adds to the brand value of the organization and creates a good employee story for other new joiners.

It is always better to provide a new emp id and treat him/her as another employee. Induction/orientation is required, as policies, etc. would have changed/evolved over time.

The probation period for them is a Company decision, based on the employee’s goodwill and past records. However, a standard process should be followed for all rejoiners, else may come across as being a biased decision.


dear Dinesh @thanks and also wanted to share i always read your comment and feel proud to be part of this community !! all the best !! keep up the good work on and on !!


Thanks a lot @vineeta Keep rocking :slight_smile:

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Many companies have a cool down period of minimum 6 months after which the employee can rejoin

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