Onboarding Plan

Can someone help me to prepare an onboarding and offboarding plan for employees? We need this to get one certification. This is one of the requirements. I understand its vary for each company. But I want to have some idea, how the other company follow the same. How to design, Onboarding, offboarding, Training, mentoring etc…

Hi Ayesha,

I understand you are looking for help with defining the processes? To help you further, will need to understand what is the present process followed in your Organisation and how is it that the HR annd/or Management want it to be. Based on that we will be able to advise on each of the areas you need help with.

There needs to an objective, the terms and conditions, process to be followed, etc.I am happy to discuss further

Hi Mohana,

Thanks for your reply. Process is defined and we are following the same. I wanted to know that do we need to document this process for the Audit purpose. Is it mandatory to have this document?

Yes. Each process and policy should be documented clearly and communicated to employees/recipients. These are all the required evidence. In addition, there should be someplace in your company’s internal portal, where all policies should be uploaded and made easily accessible for employees.

Hi Mohana,

Can you please share the onboarding and offboarding plan template if you have one.

Thanks in advance.

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