Is It Mandatory To Sign Attendance Register

Is It Mandatory To Sign Attendance Register

  1. Attendance Bonus acts as a motivation to employees and helps reduce unplanned Leaves; helps plan better Staffing/Manpower!! Though as mentioned by Mr. Khosla, no act specifies the same.

  2. Such bonus policies are majorly found in IT and ITES industries!!

  3. As no Act has defined it, organization makes their own policies regarding the Attendance Bonus/incentive.

  4. Generally, Attendance Bonus is paid to those emplyees though do not take any unplanned/unapproved leave in a particular month!! Those who avail their planned leaves are considered for Attendance Bonus/Incentive.

  5. Some organizations have slabs/buckets for Attendance Bonus/Incentive.

For Example:
If an employee has No Unplanned Leaves: Rs. 1500
If an employee has 1 Planned Leave: Rs. 1350
If an employee has 2 Planned Leaves: Rs. 1200
If an employee has 3 Planned Leaves: Rs. 1000
If an employee has 3-5 Planned Leave: Rs. 800
If an employee has more than 5 Planned Leaves: Rs. 500
If an employee has 1 or more Unplanned Leaves: Rs. 0 6.

Similarly, some IT/ITES also pay Shift Incentives so as to motivate their employees to work in Late, Graveyard or early Morning shifts. Hope i have given you clarity on the subject.

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