Time & Attendance - Is it Compulsory?

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Our establishment comes under IT & Software of Tamil Nadu Shop and Establishment Act. So is it compulsory to maintain Time Sheet for Employees. We have a Leave Management System in place but do not want to burden employees by asking them to punch in and out everyday. Please advise.

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So how are you maintaining daily attendance now? Muster is mandatory or electronic records

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There seem to be no time management system in place for our India site. Payroll captures only leaves taken per month and inputs to payroll service provider. As they operate remote, It is assumed they worked for minimal clocking hours but mostly exceeds the 9 hrs.

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Maintainance of the Timesheet is not mandatory as per law. However, you will have to maintain the attendance register or a Leave credit register either physical or in electronic format.

You can refer to this link for the format.


Thank you @amiths for the format.

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