Leave Policy as per Uttar Pradesh

Can someone please share the leave policy applicable in Noida for an ITES/BPO company with more than 100 employees?



Type Of Leave Leave Entitlement Carry Forward Days
Sick Leave 15 days Based on the need
Casual Leave (Days) 10 days Based on the need
Earned / Privileged Leave 15 days 45

This is the general guidelines and the simplest of all, from which you can further add up or remove or modify the same.

There are no Strict rules to leave policies other than the minimum number of leaves to be given. Based on the Org. need this can be modified.

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Thanks for the information.

Can you please tell me that, what number of leaves we need to assign employees at the start of the year as leave balance?
For example - 1 Jan 2021


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Sure we have a detailed documentation on this: https://www.greythr.com/wiki/acts/st-uttar-pradesh/

Let me know if you need any help on this.

Also for various states leaves are given here: https://blog.greythr.com/state-wise-leave-norms-prescribed-under-shops-and-establishments-act

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