🔊 November 23 Newsletter - Product & Engineering ! Check out new features!

“What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean.”

- Isaac Newton

Here’s what we’ve been working on…

🙋‍♀️ Attendance Info Enhancements

Feast your eyes on an upgraded Attendance Info calendar/table view. The view provides seamless access to crucial attendance information with intuitive legends, consistent leave representation, vibrant legend colors, and effortless date selection.

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📄 Permission Policy Cleanup

Admins can now delete permission policies and transactions effortlessly. The enhancement helps reduce the dependency on the back-end team, making admins self sufficient.

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💎 greytHR Prefilled Forms

With the Prefilled Forms feature, users can create and release prefilled templates. The feature enables the forms to be filled with the existing employee information eliminating manual effort, saving time, and reducing the chances of inaccurate entries.

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💎 Alumni Portal

The greytHR Alumni Portal is a valuable tool for both employees and HR admins. Admin can now grant limited access to the ESS portal to selected or all exited employees for a certain period. The portal enables the employees to retrieve the required documents such as payslips, and letters without reaching out to the HR admin of the organization. Thus, saving time and effort for both admin and employee.

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💎 greytHR Polls

Our Feeds module is now Engage. This enhanced version of feeds allows admins and employees to not just post updates and wishes, but also create polls.
greytHR Polls will enable the users to raise polls and receive votes from all employees or a specific group of employees. This ensures employee engagement. Currently, the feature is exclusively available for the greytHR team only.

💎 Enhancement in POI Overview page

  • We have introduced Active/Resigned filters in Yet To Be Released tab on the POI Overview page.
  • Admin can now release POI for resigned employees (Employees who have already left the organization won’t be listed here).
  • We have also introduced the “Left Org” column in the Resigned tab.
  • Admins can only delete POI for the employees who have left the organization.

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💎 POI validation during Full and Final Settlement

While doing the Full and Final Settlement of an employee, admin can now validate if the POI is open. If the POI workflow is open, then the admin cannot complete the Full and Final Settlement.

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Other Features

  • Super admins can now employ the Reject option in the confirmation workflow. This provides admins, greater control over confirmation workflows, allowing efficient management of data. The enhancement leads to fewer pending workflows as admins can reject unrequired confirmation workflows.
  • The Income tax Override importer now validates and then accepts the dates.
  • We have introduced Employer ESI number column in ESI monthly upload format. This helps the user to filter the records based on ESI registration and is useful for companies with multiple ESI registrations.

⚡Design Spotlight

Praise (Employee Engagement)

Get ready to elevate user engagement with 'Kudos” on Engage (Feeds). The seamless design will allow one-click appreciation, fostering positive interactions and stronger employee engagement.

Shift Change (Attendance)

The purpose of a shift change request system is to streamline the process of managing shift schedules and shift change requests. By automating the process, organizations can improve efficiency, accuracy, and transparency, while reducing the time and effort required to manage scheduling tasks.

Coming Soon

Revamp of Engage (earlier known as Feeds) in Mobile app

Soon we will unveil the revamped Engage module, featuring a sleek new UI/UX design. This upgrade promises to elevate user experience and increase engagement within our mobile app.

Polls feature on Engage in Mobile app

The upcoming new Poll feature will empower teams to effortlessly create, share, and react to polls. The admins and employees will soon be able to gather instant feedback and enhance collaboration for more informed and inclusive decision-making.

Push Notifications in mobile app

Mobile app users will soon receive important updates in the form of push notifications on their mobile devices. This feature will streamline communication to ensure the users remain informed and connected.


Admins will soon be able to encourage, appreciate, and give shout-out for the employee’s achievements with Kudos, yet another brilliant feature in the Engage.

Customer KYC

Soon admins will be able to collect the customer’s new contact details regularly with the help of Customer KYC feature. No more bounced emails and customer reach-out difficulties.

Product Content Updates

  • Updation of subscription links in KB pages and FAQs has led to an increase in 78 youtube subscribers.
  • Help resources are now available for Alumni portal, Attendance Info (Revamp), and Mobile Login, and OTP.
  • Resolved more than 200 Customer Delight (CD) tickets from greycell & Attendance module and published almost 160 FAQs related to the same.
  • Our YouTube channel has gained a 2110 increase in views (21.1%), 160 subscribers (2x than the previous month), and a 30461 increase in impressions.
  • Product Updates click rate has increased from 2.45% (Q2) to 3.29%

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