🔊 January 2024 Newsletter - Product & Engineering ! Check out new features!

“What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean.”

- Isaac Newton

Here’s what we’ve been working on…

📱 Revamp of Engage (Previously Known as Feeds) in Mobile App

We’re thrilled to unveil the revamped Engage screen, featuring a sleek new UI/UX design. This enhancement will assist in enhancing the user experience and increasing engagement with the app.

📊 Polls in Mobile App

Unveil our latest Poll feature – enable your team to seamlessly generate, distribute, and respond to polls. Initiate your first poll to rapidly collect feedback and foster collaborative, well-informed, and inclusive decision-making.

🔔 Push Notifications in Mobile App

Employees can effortlessly get push notifications on their mobile app for everything related to regularization requests. Employees will receive alerts for unmarked attendance, managers for submitted regularization requests, and employees on the status of their regularization. We intend to expand this feature with more events soon.

💸 POI Re-release Request Workflow

In the current POI cycle, any changes to the submitted POI require employees to manually approach admins for a re-release request, making it a cumbersome process. These settings allow employees to easily request for POI re-release from ESS, swiftly approved by admins for a hassle-free POI re-submission process.

🌐 Unite: Your HR Marketplace Unveiled

Unite, the latest addition to greytHR, is live for over 2500+ customers. Unite is a revolutionary one-stop marketplace, offering seamless access to third-party applications directly within the greytHR ecosystem.

Apps Live Recently:

  • SpringVerify (BGV)
  • OffiNeeds (Corporate gifting)
  • OfferRight (Recruitment)
  • AdvantageClub (Corporate gifting)

🤝 Engage: Kudos

Unlock the power of appreciation with Engage Kudos feature! Designed to foster a culture of recognition and support, Kudos allows you to commend your colleagues for their outstanding achievements effortlessly. Whether it’s completing a challenging project, going above and beyond in their role, or simply being a fantastic team player, sending Kudos is the perfect way to give them a shout-out.

💬 greytHR: Feedback

Discover greytHR’s Feedback feature—a new tool to boost your career and team unity. Built with privacy in mind, it lets you easily share and request honest feedback from colleagues. This feature is not just for feedback; it’s a step towards real professional growth and better teamwork. Explore this feature under My Worklife.

🤖 greytAI

The greytHR AI Assistant is an advanced feature designed to help users draft kudos and feedback messages by analyzing the tone of their writing. It helps maintain a positive and professional tone, reflecting the user’s intent effectively, thus enhancing communication within the workplace. This feature streamlines the message creation process, making it easier for users to convey their thoughts clearly and respectfully.

Other Features

1. Enhancements in Payroll Statement Data Sources

PRAN number (Employee info items), Name in PRAN Number (Employee info items) and Latest Salary effective date (Others) are now available in Payroll statement data sources. Users can pick them in Custom Payroll Statements (Payroll->>Verify->>Payroll Statement).

2. New Update: Insured Member Details Added to Proof of Investment Declaration Report

We have now introduced Insured member details in Proof of Investment Declaration report under Reports Gallery. i.e. Family member details updated in POI while declaring Section 80D and 80DDB will reflect in this report.

3. API Enhancements and New Releases to Boost Integration Capabilities

  • Salary revision API can now accommodate auto Arrear computation.
  • Payslips API has been introduced. This API can send the Payslips employee wise for requested months via API.
  • GET Pay period API has been introduced- This API will return the entire Pay period for the financial year.
  • Attendance snapshot API has been enhanced to capture OT related fields i.e. more than one type of OT can be captured now.

4. Separation Page Details Edit Limitations

Problem -

  • While the resignation workflow/exit process of an employee was in progress, the admin users were making changes in the employee resignation details/marking the employees as exit from the separation page.
  • It was blocking the process at the workflow conflicting with the data and we were finding errors.

Solution -

  • Customers that have subscribed the Employee Exit module

    • will be able to edit the separation details only after they mark the employee as exit from the offboarding page.
  • Customers that do not have the Employee Exit module

    • will be able to edit the separation details only after the resignation workflow is accepted.

**5. Letter Template Enhanced with 2 New Types (Bullets & Numbered) in Custom Fields.**We have enhanced the capabilities of Letter generation where users can input pipe separated values (Eg. Terms in Appointment/Offer Letter) in the custom field while generating letters.

6. Price Revision Updates for India Customers in GOAL from Backend; Phase 1 & Phase 2

  • Phase 1: Advance subscriptions renewal pending for Jan month.

  • Phase 2: Monthly customers for whom we didn’t revise in phase 1.

7. Modified Email Template for Alumni Portal

We have refined the email template for the Alumni Portal making it more clear and helpful for the alumni.

8. Pin Poll

An enhancement in Engage: Polls, that will allow admin users to pin important polls on top.

9. Video Link on Posts

Another yet most exciting enhancement on Engage: Posts. If you embed a video link from YouTube or any other source which has their own video player, you can enjoy the video on the greytHR engage without getting redirected to a different tab.

⚡Design Spotlight

Kudos : Mobile

Elevated user engagement with 'Kudos” on Engage. Seamless design allows one-click appreciation, fostering positive interactions and stronger employee engagement.


The greytHR AI Assistant is an advanced feature designed to help users draft kudos and feedback messages by analyzing the tone of their writing. It helps maintain a positive and professional tone, reflecting the user’s intent effectively, thus enhancing communication within the workplace. This feature streamlines the message creation process, making it easier for users to convey their thoughts clearly and respectfully.

Coming Soon

Kudos in Mobile App

Kudos will make it easy to give praise to other employees, which will help to make them feel more motivated. You can give or get kudos from an employee on the mobile app.

WhatsApp Login Using OTP in Mobile App

Currently, the option to log in with OTP is only offered to Indian customers for different reasons. We are working on a solution for international customers by introducing OTP login via WhatsApp. Employees will get the OTP on WhatsApp and can use it to log in.

Introduction to Poll Feature on Engage in Mobile App

Introducing our new Poll feature. Empower your team to effortlessly create, share, and react to polls. Gather instant feedback and enhance collaboration for more informed and inclusive decision-making.

Push Notifications for Mobile App

Mobile app users will soon receive important updates in the form of push notifications on their mobile devices. This feature will streamline communication to ensure the users remain informed and connected.

Implementing Work-hour Constraints in Permissions Policies

Introducing the Advanced Permission Rules, featuring new permission restrictions, automated and self-approval options, and date-specific criteria. This upgrade equips admins with robust tools to manage employee permissions more effectively.

Letter Acknowledgement

Administrators will have the option to request a confirmation of acceptance from employees upon receiving letters.This feature ensures that all communications are acknowledged and officially accepted by the recipient.

Event Workflow Enhancements

We are enhancing the Event Workflows to make them more efficient and usable by increasing the reviewer levels to 7, allowing admin users to set up employee as a reviewers, and enhancing the QB report of the event workflows with more filter options.

Employee Retirement Event Notification

This feature will allow you to configure the event notification for the employee retirement on the date of retirement, before or after the retirement.

Performance Management System: Goals

Elevate your performance evaluation strategy with the PMS module’s Goal Assignment feature. This powerful tool enables admin users to establish periodic goal cycles, empowers managers to set specific goals for their team members, and allows employees to actively track and update their progress on these objectives. Enhance accountability, clarity, and motivation across your organization by leveraging this feature to align efforts, monitor achievements, and drive success.

Engineering Team Updates

What’s New:

greytHR services are now available on Jio Azure as well. In the previous month, we established a new cluster in Jio Azure, enhancing our ability to advance our partnership with Jio and facilitate the growth of a new business venture.

Upcoming Features:

We are in the process of transferring our ME cluster from AWS to GCP. This upgraded cluster not only reinforces our commitment to GCP but also introduces enhanced scalability and security measures in the ME region.

Other Features:

We have updated our artifact registry tool, Nexus, to the latest version, effectively addressing a significant security risk identified by our security team.

Product Content Updates

  • Help resources are now available for the new Unite feature. Also, for the revamped Engage feature available on our greytHR mobile app.

  • In the recent quarter, we resolved 215 LATTE CD tickets, published 58 new FAQs and updated our help resources with the remaining ones. These updates have significantly contributed to the decrease LATTE CD tickets by making the resources available to our Support team for effective utilization before escalating an issue.

  • Additionally, we’ve optimized our 300 FAQs for better search engine visibility, making them easier to find and use.

  • We got 61.8K views (133% more than the previous month), 1.8K watch hours (148% more than the previous month) and 412 (52% more than the previous month) on YouTube.

  • We also received a new demo sign up from YouTube in the month of January.

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Product Training and Academy Updates:


Conducted total 8 Trainings with 300 Attendees. Here is the breakup:

  • 2 NHT batches with 9 Attendees
  • 5 GCPL1 batches with 268 Attendees
  • 1 GCPL2 batch with 23 Attendees

Course Development:

  • We registered 1054 new enrollments in the month of January on Udemy total 33,694.
  • We’ve issued certificates to 85 learners out of 125 learners who have completed the courses.
  • Coming soon two exclusive master courses for the graduate training on Recruitment and Performance management system.

Product Usage Stats

📊 Event Workflow

Since release we have enrolled 79 customers who are using the Event Workflows.

  • Avg. Number of customers starting to use the Event Workflows every week - 04
  • Avg. Number of Event Workflows getting activated every week - 08

🎓Alumni Portal

Since release 21 customers have enabled Alumni Portal.

  • Customers that have enabled Alumni Portal at least for 1 employee is - 14
  • Total number of exited employees (alumni) that have been given access to Alumni Portal - 318

Community Manager.