PF Transfer Issue Due To EPS Contribution


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I joined Company A as my first employer, where I worked for three months. During my tenure with Company A, contributions were made towards both my PF and EPS accounts. But I’m only aware of PF not EPS.

Subsequently, I joined Company B, where I indicated “No” for EPS membership during the onboarding process as I’m not aware of EPS, under the impression that only PF contributions were applicable.

Now, I have joined a new Company C, I have correctly indicated “Yes” for EPS membership. However, upon attempting to transfer my PF from Company B to my current company C, the transfer was rejected citing the reason that EPS contributions were not remitted by Company B.

I visited the EPFO office, and there they told me that after Company B contributed the EPS, only they would transfer the PF amount to the current company C, and the EPF grievance officer also informed me to check with Company B for the solution.

I have checked with Company B they saying “since you have mentioned ‘NO’ in the form-11so we have treated you as non-EPS member”

What can i do now ? Please help me on this.


Hi Vijay,

This is my personal opinion and I suggest you consult with subject matter expert.

Here are the options that comes to my mind at the moment:

Either you have to write to the Company B stating the details requesting them to consider your EPS contribution for the tenure. This may require you to submit revised form 11 to rectify the gap. This will be a bit time consuming process .


You may meet the grievance officer again or try to meet the regional PF Commissioner seeking further guidance about the required documentation in this matter.


Try connecting with Company C’s external PF consultant. Generally, organizations have external PF consultants. You can meet them for guidance and documentation assistance. They may charge some meagre amount for the services and help fixing this.

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Bhuvana Anand

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