Is Confirmation letter necessary?


As per rules is Confirmation letter necessary?

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Confirmation Letter is a letter written to confirm various informal and formal activities. Letter of confirmation also serves as evidence (when required) used in court proceedings to prove certain facts of events.

A confirmation letter is given to an employee, whose probation period doesn’t need an extension. If the employee has performed well and shown good behavior during his probation period, he/she is given a confirmation letter. Few companies extend the probation period for certain employees due to various reasons, such as performance issues, more training required, etc. So only a confirmed employee will get a confirmation letter within the stipulated time as per policy or after the extended probation period is over.

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If someone joined as trainee and Training letter is signed. After training and probation period, any letter needs to be issued as per law? Please help.


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Hi Aprajita,

When you onboard anyone as a trainee giving a letter to that effect you would have also included terms about the probation period and the confirmation aspects if any.

So, when your training letter speaks about the probation period, you will also cover the consequences/further course of action if the probation period gets completed successfully or if it fails. You have to proceed according to those terms.

For e.g. if you say in the letter that after specific training and probation, the trainee will be either absorbed as an employee or signed off with a suitable relieving letter. Therefore, when the probation period has been completed, what has been committed as an employer has to be fulfilled.

If this trainee has been taken onboard further, a letter to that effect along with the company’s terms can be signed.

For the employee, it gives confidence and assurance of employment.

For the employer, it is a record to do the needful statutory compliance, to ensure the employee’s adherence to the terms, and take suitable actions. It helps to determine the rights, duties, obligations and accountability of the employer and employee.

A simple example will be the notice period to resign - the duration is more to a confirmed employee than a probationer. Have a written record comes to the rescue for various aspects as stated above.

On the flip side, when you take an experienced employee wouldn’t you ask for copies of such credentials like appointment letter, training letter, confirmation letter, etc.? These are the pieces of evidence and records to verify and affirm certain terms between the employer and employees.

Going forward as per the new labor codes, every employer has to give a letter of appointment to the employees and workers as prescribed in the Code, it will be a mandate when the Codes come into effect.

Hope the above helps.

Bhuvana Anand

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Thanks so much. It’s very helpful.