PT for following cities

Can you please clarify the PT for the following cities







As when we search it is nill for Noida, but og GreytHR it is generated as 200

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If the hike is with effect from April, you have to contribute to ESI, all the six months until September.
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Need an urgent help:

In GreytHR, under Income Tax Declaration, there is a provision of declaring donation under 80G.

Is this true that, by this declaration of employee, the employer can not allow any tax exemption at the beginning of the year.

Any other supporting is required, along with declaration in the beginning of the year.

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Donation with proper receipt and PAN number of the recipient if available you can update and pass on the benefit either at 50% or 100% based on the exemption printed on the receipt. At the time of declaration they can enter their planned amount of donation and you can pass on the benefit, but at the time of proof submission you can pass on the benefit to the tune of receipt submitted.

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