Shared Naukri Account

Dear Team,

One of our ex- HR , who has still not changed my company name at LinkedIn, is publicly, selling shared naukri account.

Today i received call from naukri, that they know that she is no longer part of my company, but still its unethical and non-compliant to use even this as a status publicly and that too with my corporate name.

Now, please advise, what should i do in this case, as i tried calling her, she is not taking the calls.

And please advise the mail content, which can be shared with her on her email - id.

Thank you


Hi Shweta,

Firstly, your company can approach LinkedIn directly reporting the misuse of your Company Name providing the details.

In parallel, if your company have a page/account in LinkedIn, it can put a message stating that the company name is grossly misused by some persons who are no longer associated with the company and the Company is not liable directly, indirectly, incidentally or in any form for the consequences or damages caused due to the conduct/activities of this person in past, present or future.

Your company (through a lawyer) can also serve a written notice through RPAD post (Regd. post with acknowledge due) to this person directing not to misrepresent himself/herself as an employee of your company in the social media stipulating a timeline within which the name should be removed from the media.

Please note, the above options are suggestive in nature and not a legal consultation.

Suggest your company to take a legal consultation as it deems it fit to proceed with the required course of action.

Hope the above helps.

Bhuvana Anand

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