Internship letter

Dear Team,

Looking for internship offer letter for trainees.

Can anybody share the format please, with probation month clause ?


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With reference to your job application, we have pleasure in extending this Letter of Intent for the position of “HR Intern" with our organisation for a period of 3 months starting from 4th February 2021.

You will be paid an all inclusive Stipend of Rs. 10,000/- per month.

Based on the performance during the training period, the company may Offer you full-time employment with Company Name post the training period.

You agree to abide by below rules

A. You are expected to devote your time, energy and best efforts to the business affairs of the Company. You are to work under the supervision and control of such person/s as may be directed by the Company from time to time. You are expected to keep the same work schedule as per the Company and comply with Company Policies and Procedures, which exist or may be established from time to time.

B. Secrecy & Confidentiality:

i) You shall neither divulge nor give out information to any unauthorized person during the training period or even afterwards by word of mouth or otherwise, particulars or details of our processes, technical know-how, security arrangements, administrative and/or organizational matters of a confidential/secret nature, which may have come to your knowledge/possession by virtue of your training with the Company.

ii) You shall keep confidential all the information and material provided to you by the Company or by its clients concerning their affairs in order to enable the Company to perform the service. This also includes such information as is already known to the public which also you will not release, use or disclose except with the prior written permission of the Company. Your obligation to keep such information confidential shall remain even on termination or cancellation of this training.

C. Inventions:

You will disclose to us forthwith any discovery, invention, process or improvement made or discovered by you while in training, and such discovery, invention, process or improvement shall belong absolutely to and be the sole and absolute property of the Company. If and when required to do so by the Company, you shall at the Company’s expense, take out or apply for Patent, Licenses or other rights, privileges or protection as may be directed by Company in respect of any such discovery, invention, process or improvement so that the benefit thereof shall accrue to Company and you will execute and do all acts, deeds and things, which may be required by Company for assigning, transferring or otherwise vesting the same and all benefits arising in respect thereof in our favour or in favour of such other person or persons, firms or companies, as we may direct as the sole beneficiary thereof.

We look forward to your association with us and wish you a rewarding career.

At the time of joining the company, kindly submit the following to the HR Department:

  1.   Proof of address
  2.   Proof of identity i.e. PAN Card & Aadhar Copy
  3.   One passport size photographs in color
  4.   Cancelled cheque copy / Pass book Copy

Please note if the candidate is on Internship so there is no need of Probation Period


Hi Ankit,

Much thanks for your quick help, just wanted to check now being covid, do we need to mention Covid negative test report should also be submit before joining?

Kindly advise.

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