Update employee category information in Payslips and Reports for backdated records

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We are glad to inform you that we now have an option to update employee’s category information in payslips and reports updated for back dated dates.

Currently, whenever you update an employee’s category information, the updated information reflects in the reports and payslips only after processing the payroll. The repeated payroll processing to update backdated information is not a practical approach.

To ensure a better and faster approach to update information in reports and payslips, we have introduced an option on the Payslip page. If there is a change in employee’s category information, then this option informs you and helps you in changing all the backdated employee’s category information without processing payroll.

To update employee’s category information, navigate to Payroll > Published Info > Payslip page.
If any category information is changed for the selected employee, you will be able to view an information box on the Payslip page.
You can click Update Now to update the category information before processing the payroll. The updated information will then reflect in all the reports and payslips which are then ready for you to download.

This feature will be live today 22nd Oct 2020.


Thanks @Premal :slightly_smiling_face:

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Please watch the below video link perform Update Category Information in Payslips and Reports.

Update Categroy Info in Payslip and Reports

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