🔊 December 23 Newsletter - Product & Engineering ! Check out new features!

“What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean.”

- Isaac Newton

Here’s what we’ve been working on…

💸 Boosting Payroll Processing Performance through Optimization

We’re thrilled to introduce a new optimization feature: “Optimize Update Payroll Warehouse with Transpose Technique”. This has been enabled for LBU customers like Mphasis, EY, DIL, and Vaaman, resulting in a substantial improvement in processing times. There’s been a remarkable 40% reduction in processing times, enhancing efficiency significantly.

✈️ Auto Leave Grant Update

Addressing a persistent issue that affected our customers in the past months, our team has implemented major changes to the Auto Leave Grant feature. After careful monitoring in November and December, we’re happy to report that the issue has been successfully resolved and the feature is functioning.

🕗 Introducing Process Type Attendance Processing

To further enhance our attendance processing system, we’ve rolled out a new feature specifically designed for our LBU customers. The “Process Type” option allows for more efficient management of attendance data. This new feature separates date-specific attendance items from period-specific penalties, offering our customers increased flexibility and operational efficiency.

👩 Bella Integration with Freshdesk Articles

We are also excited to announce the integration of Bella with Freshdesk Articles. This integration is aimed at providing a more seamless and integrated experience for our users, further streamlining our service offerings.

Other Features

  • We’ve introduced a new feature in the letter template: ‘Suppress table rows with zero payroll values’. When this option is selected, it will conceal any salary components with zero values for an employee, applicable only in tabular format.

  • The recent update to the Income Tax computation system addresses key issues and enhancements in sections 80DD, 80DDB, and 80U. A critical fix was implemented for the 80DD section, correcting the exemption computation from 200,000 to 1.25 Lakhs. Similar issues in the 80DDB and 80U sections were also resolved, ensuring accurate exemption calculations. These changes are effective from November.

  • Key features of the update include:

    1. Section 80U Adjustments:
    • Addresses Permanent Physical Disability, with a maximum limit of 125,000 for disabilities above 80%, and 75,000 for disabilities between 40%-80%.
    • The overall limit is capped at 1.25 Lakhs, even if claims are made in both categories.
    1. Section 80DD Corrections:
    • Focuses on Medical Treatment/Insurance for handicapped dependents, setting the maximum limit at 75,000, and 1.25 Lakhs for severe cases.
    • The total limit under 80DD is fixed at 1.25 Lakhs regardless of claims in both categories.
    1. Section 80DDB Updates:
    • Pertains to Medical Treatment for specified diseases, with a limit of 40,000, and 1 Lakh for senior citizens.
    • The comprehensive limit under 80DDB is 1 Lakh, even with claims in both areas.
  • 80DDB max limit verification can be done in below article from income tax site.

Additionally, the pop-up message during the Settlement process has been revised for clearer understanding by end-users.

⚡Design Spotlight


Enhance employee engagement with 1:1 feedback feature, fostering communication and collaboration for a more connected and motivated workplace.

Goals in Performance Management

With this intuitive experience, we’ve simplified the process for employees and managers to easily set, track, and engage in conversations about individual goals.
This not only enhances efficiency but also provides a collaborative platform for fostering employee growth.

Coming Soon

Implementing Work-Hour Constraints in Permissions Policies

Introducing the Advanced Permission Rules, featuring new permission restrictions, automated and self-approval options, and date-specific criteria. This upgrade equips admins with robust tools to manage employee permissions more effectively.

Revamp of Engage (Earlier Known as Feeds) in Mobile App

We’re thrilled to unveil the revamped Engage screen, featuring a sleek new UI/UX design. This upgrade promises to elevate user experience and increased engagement within our app.

Introduction to Poll Feature on Engage in Mobile App

Introducing our new Poll feature – empower your team to effortlessly create, share, and react to polls. Gather instant feedback and enhance collaboration for more informed and inclusive decision-making.

Push Notifications for Mobile App

Mobile app users will soon receive important updates in the form of push notifications on their mobile devices. This feature will streamline communication to ensure the users remain informed and connected.

greytHR Kudos

Encourage, appreciate and shout out for the employee’s acheivements with Kudos, yet another brilliant feature in the Engage.

Customer KYC

Do not miss on the contact information updates of the employees. With customer KYC validate existing /collect new contact details of customers on regular basis, no more bounced emails and customer reach out difficulties.

greytHR Feedback

The greytHR Feedback Feature allows employees to give and request direct feedback from their coworkers maintaining confidentiality. This feature helps in fostering professional growth and improved team dynamics.


The greytHR AI Assistant is an advanced feature designed to help users draft kudos and feedback messages by analyzing the tone of their writing. It helps maintain a positive and professional tone, reflecting the user’s intent effectively, thus enhancing communication within the workplace. This feature streamlines the message creation process, making it easier for users to convey their thoughts clearly and respectfully.

Proof of Investment (POI) Re-Release Request workflow

POI re-release request workflow enables employees to request admin to re-release the POI form for resubmission/corrections. This reduces the offline communication between admin and employees and eliminates the burden on admin to identify and re-release the POI for selected employees.

Product Content Updates

  • Help resources are now available for enhancements on Attendance Info, Confirmation workflow, Leave year end, and Final Settlement.
  • After diligently updating both POI and LYE help resources with the latest features, we’ve witnessed a significant surge in user engagement.
  • Following an analysis of existing CD tickets from Latte, 41 informative FAQs were published. However, the number of new tickets has steadily declined, dropping from 26 in the first week of December to only 8 currently.
  • We’ve successfully uploaded 7 Product Explainer videos covering seasonal hot topics like POI and the Leave Year-end process. This effort resulted in a remarkable 76% increase in views and led to 3 new sign-ups.
  • Solve queries related to greytHR @greytHR Help.

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Product Training and Academy Updates:

Academy Tie ups:

  • Signed MoU with Saintgits Institute of Management, Kottayam
  • Trained 28 students in DigitalHR


  • Conducted total 12 Trainings with 441 Attendees. Here is the breakup:
  • 2 NHT batches with 12 Attendees
  • 5 GCPL1 batches with 261 Attendees
  • 1 GCPL2 batch with 24 Attendees
  • 1 greytHR Certified Payroll Professional training program with 9 Attendees
  • 1 Advanced level training with 101 Attendees
  • 1 PSP trainings with 6 Attendees
  • 1 Digital HR Training with 28 Attendees

Course Development:

  • We’ve developed 2 courses for greytHR Graduate Certification Program.
  • We registered 751 new enrollments in the month of September on Udemy total 32,790.
  • We’ve issued certificates to 117 learners out of 139 learners who have completed the courses.

Product Usage Stats

Exciting news! We’re delighted to provide an update on the Alumni portal feature, launched recently. Currently, 18 customers have activated this feature, with 12 of them enabling it for at least one employee.

In the month of December, we achieved a revenue of Rs.9,000 from 180 employees who had the
Alumni Portal feature enabled.

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