Product & Engineering Newsletter : July 2023!

“What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean.”

- Isaac Newton

Here’s what we’ve been working on…

Apply Permissions for Multiple Days at once with the Mobile App

With the new update, employees need not apply permissions for multiple dates separately. Employees can now select a date range to apply permissions for multiple days at once in a hassle-free manner.

Change Password & Diagnostic Logs in Mobile App Settings

With the new Change Password & Diagnostic Logs option in mobile app settings, users can now change their password with ease on our mobile app anytime, anywhere, for ultimate account security. In addition, developers can also diagnose and debug device-specific issues effortlessly with the help of Diagnostic Logs.

Enhancements in Letter Generation

We’ve elevated the letter generation capability by introducing additional functionalities to our letter templates. Simply download the letter datasource file to see the below functions. These enhancements eradicate the necessity for laborious manual conversions, guaranteeing accuracy and uniformity in all communications to employees. The functionalities include:

  • Streamlining payroll values by:
    • Rounding up to the nearest whole number
    • Rounding up to the next whole number
    • Rounding down to the previous whole number
  • Transforming payroll values into words, based on the currency set for each employee.

The Payslip now Promises better Customer Experience

Payslips templates now have higher implementation efficiency, improved customer experience, and lesser turnaround time. The new enhancement contains:

  • New data source fields in page layouts.
    • IBAN number for ME customers.
    • Employee name [Employee number] for all customers.
  • Function to hide null components in payslips’ headers and footers.

  • Autofit components in payslips’ headers and footers to remove blank values in between fields.
  • The payslip does not display values in the Master column if the Master component is not tagged in the payroll repository for earnings components.

  • The templates that show YTD details and components will now be displayed in the YTD column even if the current month’s value is zero.

Other Features

  • We’ve successfully implemented robust error handling for marking attendance in the mobile app, ensuring a smoother and more reliable experience for all users.
  • We’ve revamped our mobile app’s Reset Password feature for improved security and ease of use.
  • Changes in Haryana LWF upper limit is updated for all customers effective from July 2023.
    • Employee contribution is revised from **25/-**to 31/-
    • Employer contribution is revised from 50/- to 62/-
  • With the new enhancement on the User Roles page, users can view the Read and Write access columns separately in the downloaded report.
  • We’ve introduced Employee Card Details API, a set of 4 APIs to easily fetch, update and delete an employee’s card details within the Middle East region.
  • We’ve introduced new Attendance Input APIs, a set of 3 APIs to easily capture, save and delete an employee’s attendance details for a particular date as per requirement.
  • Enhanced login experience: We’ve introduced seamless authentication via a third-party identity provider (IDP). This improvement ensures smooth access and opens doors to future integrations with 3rd party applications. Admins using the same IDP will enjoy effortless access to the greytHR app without the need to remember multiple passwords.

Design Spotlight

Leave Balance

All important components related to Leave Balance are now at users’ fingertips. The new update in the mobile app makes it easier for users to track and plan their leaves. This update merges the balance and transaction information for quick access, without compromising on any of the existing features.

Unite by greytHR

With our new enhancement in intuitive design, browsing apps becomes effortless. Additionally, improved search and categorization ensure quick app discovery.

Upcoming Features

Split Shift

Experience the revolution in employee Attendance Management with the upcoming Split Shift feature. The feature will help users divide working hours into two sessions with significant break hours between them. The new feature offers flexibility in managing shifts based on daily requirements. This feature is especially useful for industries with non-traditional working hours, such as hospitality and healthcare, to simplify work routines.

People Revamp in Mobile App

The mobile app’s People section will soon get a fantastic revamp, promising a more engaging and user-friendly experience for all our valued users.

greytHR Alumini Platform

Admins will soon be able to enable limited employee portal access for alumni employees. This feature will ensure continued access to employee portal for documents without the need to contact HR admin thereby saving valuable time and effort for both ex-employees and admins.

Push Notifications in Mobile

Mobile App users will soon receive important updates in the form of push notifications on their mobile devices. This feature will streamline communication to ensure the users remain informed and connected.

Unite by greytHR!

We’ve successfully tested Unite by greytHR (beta stage) with employees and employers completing approximately 300 transactions. We’ve planned a bigger launch in August, with a host of cool app integrations and slick new UI.

Product Content Updates

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  • Introduced refreshed look of the Admin Homepage.
  • Introduced an option to restrict adding PF/ESI/LWF details when adding employee.
  • Introduced a validation option for entering ‘Alternate Email ID’ & ‘Alternate Mobile Number’ when employee applies for resignation through ESS.

Leave & Attendance

  • Improved navigation for Leave Year End process on the updated Admin Homepage.
  • Introduced refreshed look for password reset in Mobile App.


  • Introduced an option to hide the payslips category for employees in ESS Document Center option.
  • Revised Haryana LWF contributions upper limit as per the latest amendment.
  • Introduced Section 80CCD(1) under Section 80C for Income Tax.
  • Enhanced payslips appearance by hiding the zero & empty values from the header & footer.
  • Payroll admin can easily view exiting employee status on the Payroll Inputs option.
  • Transitioned to BoldDesk for seamless migration, minimal downtime, data integrity, configuration and customization.
  • User roles download report displays separate Read & Write access columns.

Mobile App

  • Introduced an option to enable Mobile Diagnostic Logs for quick issue resolution in the Mobile App.
  • Enhanced security by restricting Admin Login in the Mobile App.


  • Introduced Clear Tax banner as a new addition to the greytHR Unite suite in the ESS Portal.
  • Enhanced functionality by integrating scripts for Unite Feature Codes.
  • Implemented 2FA for ICICI PayNow transactions for strengthened security.


  • Admins can now manage Employee Card Details via API with Get, Insert, and Delete Operations.
  • Removed Personal No field from Add Employee Card Details.
  • Retrieve Employee Photo as Binary API for seamless integration with your internal HRMS tool.

Product Usage Stats

30-day rolling rating average in mobile app

Our 30-day rolling rating average in the mobile app has significantly increased from 3.51 to an impressive 4.08, demonstrating a notable improvement in user satisfaction.

User Growth in Mobile App

In July, we’ve experienced a remarkable user growth, surging from 4, 26,096 to 4,38,270 with a steady, flat trend in user loss.

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