Wife Cannot Seek Withdrawal Of Resignation Tendered By Husband : Karnataka HC

The Karnataka High Court has said that a wife cannot seek withdrawal of resignation submitted by her husband to his employer.

The High Court was of the view that it was the spouse of the employee who had sought the withdrawal of resignation of the employee and that too after it was duly accepted.

A resolution dated 30 November 2021 was also placed on record confirming the same.

Although the appellant placed insistence on the withdrawal of the resolution after his wife’s suggestion, the court said that tendering a resignation is a voluntary act for an employee. An employee who has tendered resignation voluntarily is entitled to withdraw the same before it is accepted unless the Service Rules otherwise provide.

"Even if the acceptance of resignation is not communicated to the employee, it makes no difference. Once the resignation is offered and the same is duly accepted by the competent authority, resignation is complete & irrevocable, subject to all just exceptions, the court said.”

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