Employee resignation not accepted


Employer is not accepting resignation. For employee apart from serving notice period after resignation, is there any obligation to continue in the company?

Can employer stop the employee resignation?

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If an employee resigns and adamant on it then as an employer we cannot do anything. Employer should sort out his/her concern on reason for resignation even after that they still wants to continue with their resignation then no option.

Employer cannot hold employee’s resignation. No, there is no such obligation to continue or to be associated with the company if they are ready to complete their exit formalities.

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Hi Manjunath,

Employer cannot bind employees to work for endless time.

If employee has made a decision, he should make sure irrespective of Employer acceptance should serve complete notice period, give proper handover of projects/tasks, documents, etc and should try to keep things in written communication so later Employer does not create any kind of issue for him while releasing FnF settlement & letters.

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