🔊 February 2024 Newsletter - Product & Engineering ! Check out new features!

“What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean.”

- Isaac Newton

Here’s what we’ve been working on…

⏰ Implementing Work-Hour Constraints in Permissions Policies

Introducing the Advanced Permission Rules, featuring new permission restrictions, automated and self-approval options, and date-specific criteria. This upgrade equips admins with robust tools to manage employee permissions more effectively.

📄 Customer KYC

If you’re facing issues with outdated customer contact details, there’s no need to worry anymore. Our Customer KYC feature ensures that you always have the latest contact information. Say goodbye to bounced emails and difficulty reaching out to customers. Activate the Customer KYC for your customer accounts through GOAL, and enjoy hassle-free access to updated and verified contact details.

📱 Kudos in Mobile App

Kudos will make it easy to give praise to other employees, which will help to make them feel more motivated. You can give or get kudos from an employee on the mobile app.

💸 Indonesia Payroll - Employee Identities and Statutory Compliance

We can now capture employee identities and statutory compliance related employee information fields in greytHR. These are basic functionalities which are required to enter the Indonesian market.

Below are the employee identities that can be captured:

  • Citizen Identity Card (KTP)
  • NPWP (Tax Identification number)
  • NIK (National Identity Number)
  • Health Card Number (KPJ)

Apart from employee identities we are also capturing employee information fields related to tax computations and BPJS.(Employee > Information > Statutory Compliance). BPJS (Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial) in Indonesia is a government-run social security agency that provides healthcare and social security coverage to Indonesian citizens. It offers various programs including health insurance, work accident insurance, and pension schemes to ensure access to basic social protection for all Indonesians.

💰 Middle East Payroll - Employee Benefits

Benefits for families in the Middle East can vary depending on the company’s policies and the specific terms outlined in employment contracts.

Some of the commonly provided benefits include, Air Fare, Child Education Allowance, Health Insurance Coverage. These benefits depend on a variety of factors such as employment type, industry etc. Additionally these benefits can be given to self and can be extended to family members (spouse, kids) etc. with max limit restrictions as per company policies. We can now capture the benefits provided to employee and their families in greytHR.

🤝 Loan Create API

We have introduced Loan Create API which bolsters our integration capabilities.

This API is used to create a new loan for an employee for a particular loan component with certain loan type and loan details.

  • Users need to have the “Create Loan” feature to access the API.
  • The employee for whom the loan has to be created must have joined before the loan start date.
  • Loans will be deducted based on a certain interest type whose values are constant and listed in the payload example.
  • In the Loan component configuration, the Loan Type should be “Both” or “Deduct Interest After Principal” in order to successfully create a loan.
  • A loan will be created only when there is no existing loan running for the particular item.

Other Features

1. Employee Retirement Workflows and Notification

  • When employees retire from the organization there are multiple tasks that needs to be completed. Including succession planning, appreciation of service and payroll formalities. Experience the employee’s smooth retirement with retirement workflows. Set reviewers , add tasks for each reviewer and initiate workflow for employee retirement on the day of retirement, before or after.
  • Configure the notification for employee’s retirement and get notified about the employees retirement before/after/on the date of retirement.

2. Enhancements in Date-Based Event Workflows

  • Filter the QB Report by Task Completion Date:
    • To improve oversight and timely processing, we now offer the ability to filter Event Workflow Reports based on the task completion date.
    • This enhancement addresses the need for better tracking of progress and deadlines and filter the tasks that are completed on a specific date or within a date range.
  • Expanded Reviewer Capacity:
    • Recognizing the importance of thorough review and approval processes for various events, Event Workflows can now be assessed by up to 7 reviewers.
    • This expansion allows for a broader range of expertise and opinion, enhancing the quality and reliability of our review process.

3. Increased Employee Name Character Limit:

  • To accommodate the diversity of names within our global customers, the character limit for employee names has been increased to 100 characters. This change ensures that all employee names are represented accurately and the field accommodates the employee names that match with their government documents.

4. Resignation Workflow Event Notifications:

  • It’s crucial, that the relevant parties stay informed about the status of employee resignations. To that end, we’ve implemented resignation workflow-related event notifications to keep specific individuals regularly updated on all actions within the resignation workflow.
  • This initiative is designed to maintain clear communication lines and smooth transition during staffing changes.
  • You can customize the notifications for:
    • Employee Resignation Application
    • Resignation Reviews Acceptance and Revokes
    • Employee’s LWD

5. SSO Login Enhancement in Mobile App

  • If you enter a mobile number, web address or email ID associated with your SSO login account, you will be redirected to a webpage. The page will present both SSO login and mobile number entry options, empowering users to choose their preferred login method seamlessly.

⚡Design Spotlight

Review Cycle Configurations in Performance Management

Simplifying Employee Performance Review Cycle setup for Admin users with a progressive setup providing customizable options for assessment timelines, rating scales, performance categories, and document view controls.

Revamped Website with a Fresh New Look and Feel

Unlock a world of possibilities with our rebranded website where style and functionality seamlessly merge to provide a rich and engaging user experience. It’s now easier than ever to find what you’re looking for.

Coming Soon

Apply OT on Behalf

Managers are empowered to apply for overtime on behalf of their team members. This capability streamlines the process, allowing managers to efficiently manage overtime requests for their teams.

Letter Acknowledgement

Admins will have the option to request a confirmation of acceptance from employees upon receiving letters. This feature ensures that all communications are acknowledged and officially accepted by the recipient.

Performance Management System: Goals

Elevate your performance evaluation strategy with the PMS module’s Goal Assignment feature. This powerful tool enables admins to establish periodic goal cycles, empowers managers to set specific goals for their team members, and allows employees to actively track and update their progress on these objectives. Enhance accountability, clarity, and motivation across your organization by leveraging this feature to align efforts, monitor achievements, and drive success.

Engineering Team Updates

What’s New:

  • Our upgrade to PostgreSQL 15 across all CloudStack environments and selected production environments has been successfully completed.

  • A new GCP cluster has been established for the Middle East region, located in me-central2 (Dammam, Saudi Arabia).

  • Development testing for mobile app is underway with Jest where the team is aims to target over 85% of code coverage. This is being done primarily with jest and would be a pre-requisite for all new features and enhancements. Older code instances will be covered gradually.

Upcoming Features:

  • Traffic for the Middle East region will soon be redirected from our AWS cluster to the newly established GCP cluster.
  • We are in the process of implementing tracing across all services, which is expected to be fully operational next month.
  • Further upgrades to PostgreSQL 15 for additional production databases are planned.
  • We are in the process of reducing the overall bundle and application size of the greythr-mobile-app by 30%. This would reduce the cognitive load of the application on all-end devices while reducing the download and install times.

Other Features:

  • Our Proof of Concept (POC) for managed Kafka has been successful. Given some issues encountered with our self-hosted Kafka, this POC paves the way for a transition to a managed Kafka solution that promises enhanced stability, reliability, and scalability.

Product Content Updates

  • Help resources are now available for the prominent features such as Engage-web, Permissions for time constraints, My Worklife-Feedback, and greytHR Visage.
  • We’ve enriched our help resources by adding 10 new ESS pages, offering our customers a more comprehensive and accessible reference guide.
  • We’ve verified 34 LATTE CD tickets, published 14 new FAQs and updated our help resources with the remaining ones. These updates have significantly contributed to the decrease LATTE CD tickets by 6% compared to the previous month. We are also promoting the CD resources to our customer-facing teams for effective utilization before escalating an issue.
  • We published our first rebranded video on YouTube.
  • We did a Q3 vs Q4 analysis and currently there has been a 56% increase in views and 48% increase in subscribers on our YouTube channel.

Subscribe to greytHR channel for how to videos on greytHR.

Product Training and Academy Updates:


Conducted total 11 Trainings with 274 Attendees. Here is the breakup:

  • 3 NHT batches with 31 Attendees
  • 5 GCPL1 batches with 202 Attendees
  • 1 GCPL2 batch with 16 Attendees
  • 1 Digital HR training program with 23 attendees
  • 1 PSP greytHR Certification Program with 2 attendees

Course Development:

  • We registered 940 new enrollments in the month of February on Udemy total 34,737.
  • We’ve issued certificates to 111 learners out of 137 learners who have completed the courses.
  • Course completion rate in Udemy reached to 14.78%
  • Developed master course on Recruitment Process for the graduate training.
  • Developing master course on Performance Management for graduate training.

Product Usage Stats

📊 Highest Lifetime DAU in greytHR Mobile App (Android)

Thrilled to share that we’ve achieved our highest-ever Daily Active Users (DAU) on Android mobile app, reaching 216K.

📈 Event Workflow

We have crossed the milestone!

103 customers have started using the Event Workflows actively.

  • Avg. Number of Event Workflows getting activated every week- 07
  • Customers are loving the below use cases of Event Workflows:
    • Managing smooth exit of the employees from employee resignation till their LWD
    • Employee Joining
    • Employee’s Contract Renewals

↗️ Alumni Portal

Since release we have 25 customers have enabled Alumni Portal

  • Customers that have enabled Alumni Portal at least for 1 employee since release is- 15
  • Total number of exited employees (alumni) that have been given access to Alumni Portal- 321


The total customer count using POI on greytHR has increased by approximately 10%, and the total considered count has increased by approximately 4% from the previous year to the current year.

  • Current year total customer count using POI on greytHR: 4914
  • Current year total considered count: 642508

Community Manager.