Leaves Justification

If any employee is absent for Monday to Friday then the subsequent Sat & Sun also will be considered as leave. In that case if any employee is absent in the middle of the week and Sat & Sun comes in the middle do we need to consider the Sat & Sun also leave. How can we justify here.


Hi @KKAssociates ,

In the scenario you’ve described, if an employee is absent from work in the middle of the week and the following Saturday and Sunday fall within that period, there can be differing practices depending on the company’s policies and local labor laws. Here are a few considerations to help you justify your approach:

  1. Consistency: One approach is to maintain consistency in your leave policy. If your company’s policy is that consecutive Saturdays and Sundays are considered leave when an employee is absent during the week, this practice should apply consistently regardless of whether the weekend falls in the middle.
  2. Local Labor Laws: Check the labor laws and regulations in your region. Some jurisdictions may have specific rules about consecutive leave days and weekends. Ensure that your policy aligns with the legal requirements.
  3. Clarity: Make sure your leave policy is clear and well-communicated to all employees. If you have a specific rule about how weekends are treated during leave, ensure that employees are aware of it to avoid confusion.
  4. Employee Impact: Consider the impact on employees. If employees are required to take leave for weekends that fall in the middle of their absence, assess how it might affect their overall leave balance and work-life balance.
  5. Flexibility: In some cases, companies may offer flexibility based on the nature of the absence. For example, if an employee is on medical leave, the policy might be different from when an employee is on personal leave.
  6. Case-by-Case Approach: In situations where the weekends in the middle of the absence cause unique challenges, you could consider a case-by-case approach. Assess the individual circumstances and make a decision based on fairness and the company’s overall objectives.

It’s important to ensure that your approach is in line with your company’s values, local laws, and the needs of your employees. Clear communication and consistent application of policies can help avoid confusion and maintain transparency. If in doubt, it’s advisable to consult with legal experts or HR professionals to ensure compliance and fairness.

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It is depend on company policy.
Some company does not consider Sat & Sun as a leave some company follow sandwich leave policy.

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Hi @KKAssociates ,

Agree with @sachinr .

If I may add.

You mentioned that the employee was absent from Mon -Friday > the consideration of the Sat and Sun would depend if what is the reason for the absence. If the reason is sickness - then usually Sat and Sun has to be added, coz SL is considering calendar days. But if the employee’s reason is vacation - then only Mon-Fri is considered coz Earned Leaves considers working days.

Hope this adds clarity :slight_smile: