Long Abseentism

What would be the process for Employee’s Unauthorized Abseentism?


Hi Dharani,

Employer’s action in such scenario will be as per the Leave and Attendance policies. These policies prescribe the dos and don’ts and consequences of prohibited conduct of an employee.

In cases of unauthorized absence, the employer will prescribe certain set of actions such as verbal / written warning, show cause notice seeking explanation, suspension / termination, etc.

The employer has to keep a reasonable leave and attendance policy and any enquiry conducted by the employer has to align with the principles of natural justice i.e., a fair and reasonable hearing should be given to the employee, enquiring officers should be neutral party within the organization (to prevent bias approach) without any conflict of interests, keep written records of all such enquiry before taking any action against the employee.

This will help the organization in the long run preventing any further disputes.

In addition, the below given resources may be of help to you.

Bhuvana Anand

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