PF transfer from Private Trust to Current Organization

One of the employees had asked for these details to initiate an online PF transfer from previous company, needed some information about the PF office where our current PF account is maintained. Looks like they had a some private PF trust…

Who would have this detail?

A. Company Address
B. Current PF Trust/RPFC details.
(i) account Details
(ii) Address

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The employee needs to ask his/her ex-employer for the details.

Alternatively, the regional PF office will have the details.

The employee will have a UAN irrespective of whether he is with EPFO or Private PF Trust. He should be able to access his UAN account on the UAN portal. Check the salary slip - most employers put UAN and PF account numbers on the salary slip.

If none of the above methods work then the employee can file a formal complaint with the regional pf office. They will get him his details.