September 2023-24 - Product updates :)

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Here’s what we’ve been working on…

Geofence Office Locator in mobile app

Introducing the Geofence Office Locator feature in mobile app’s Settings section, allowing employees to easily set up latitude and longitude details for their convenience.

Introducing DEWS report for Middle East customers (UAE)

Dubai International Financial Centre, a special economic zone in Dubai, has introduced a workplace savings scheme. The scheme replaces the existing end-of-service gratuity benefits. The new plan, titled DEWS (DIFC Employee Workplace Savings), requires employers to make compulsory monthly contributions to a savings plan. Users can now generate DEWS report with ease from greytHR application.

Other Features

  • Customers can now view the month for which they are generating the IT Statement.
  • On request of Large Business Units (LBU) customers, we have introduced Excel Import Logs Report in the Reports Gallery. Now customers themselves can download the report for auditing purposes instead of requesting it to our support team.
  • Admins can now view a resigned employee’s IT Declaration details on the Published Info page. However though admins can view the details, they cannot edit them.
  • Admin can now limit the backdated days of joining while adding new employees as per the company policy. Additionally, the super admin can control the access to change settings for specific admin users by managing User Role settings.

Design Spotlight

Passwordless Authentication and Login

We are working towards offering users a brand-new feature that lets users log in securely and conveniently with a few taps using a one-time password (OTP). Don’t worry, the option to log in with web address will still be available.

Field Library in Employee Information Suite

The Field Library will soon enable the users to have complete control over the information they want to collect from employees. With a seamless flow, users can effortlessly create the necessary data fields that align with the company’s policies.

Upcoming Features

Mobile app login using OTP

Accessing the mobile app will soon be more secure and convenient for employees. Login will soon be OTP-based. Stay tuned for an enhanced login experience in the upcoming updates.

Proof of Investment in mobile app

The upcoming Proof of Investment feature in the mobile app will help employees to quickly upload their investment proofs from the mobile app and submit them on time.

Manager Apply OT on Behalf

With the upcoming Manager Apply Over Time (OT) on Behalf of Employees feature, managers will be able to bulk-select and bulk-apply OT on behalf of their team members from the web. This feature will streamline time management, ensure accuracy, empower managers, and simplify OT processes.

greytHR Workflows

The upcoming Date-Based Event Workflows, an enhancement to greytHR Workflows, is designed to streamline an organization’s processes. With this enhancement, admins will be able to easily set up automated workflows for a wide range of events such as employee joining, contract renewals, visa renewals, and more. Additionally, admins will have a provision to assign tasks to each reviewer of the workflow.

greytHR Prefilled Forms

With the new Prefilled Forms, admins and employees will be able to save time and improve data accuracy. This feature gives users the option to create and release form templates that are filled with existing employee data. This helps eliminate manual effort and reduces the chances of inaccurate entries.

greytHR Alumni Portal

The greytHR Alumni Portal will prove to be a valuable tool for both employees and HR admins. Admin can grant limited access to the portal to selected or all exited employees for a certain period. The portal enables the employees to retrieve the required documents such as payslips, and letters without reaching out to the HR admin of the organization. Thus saving time and effort for both admin and employee.

Product Content Updates

Solve your queries related to greytHR @greytHR Help.

Product Training and Academy Updates

Academy Tie-ups

  • MOU signing proposal approved by Saintgits Institute of Management.
  • Established 4 prospect college connections to deliver DigitalHR Training


Conducted total 31 Trainings with 469 Attendees. Here is the breakup:

  • 2 NHT batches with 11 attendees
  • 5 GCPL1 batches with 256 attendees
  • 1 GCPL2 batch with 42 attendees
  • 1 greytHR Certified Payroll Professional training program with 22 attendees
  • 1 beginner-level training with 15 attendees
  • 21 SMB training with 123 attendees

Course Development

  • We’ve developed 4 courses for greytHR Graduate Certification Program.
  • We’ve developed one course on new feature introduction for ME.
  • We registered 1,051 new enrollments in the month of September on Udemy (a total of 30,794).
  • We’ve issued certificates to 107 learners out of 125 learners who have completed the courses.

Product Usage Stats

Monthly Active Usage for September month

September month witnessed a growth of MAU from 4,12,000 to 4,26,000.

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