F & F of deceased employee

My brother passed away in a very unfortunate accident at Indonesia.He was working in an MNC here in Noida.When we were contacted regarding his F&F ,there were two nominations done by him…one on the date of joining and the same was updated by him only at a later date.

My query is which date nominations shall be considered.


Hello @mannu2110 ,

I’m really sorry to hear about your brother’s passing. Regarding the nominations for his Full & Final settlement, it’s important to consider the policies and procedures of the specific company he was working for. Generally, in cases where multiple nominations are made, the most recent and updated nomination is typically considered valid.

However, to obtain accurate and specific information in your brother’s case, it is recommended to reach out to the HR department or the relevant authority at his former employer. They will be able to guide you through the process and provide clarity on which nomination date will be considered for the Full & Final settlement.

Hope this will help.



He was working with HCL Technologies,Noida.


@mannu2110 , Please reach out to the HCL HR team and they will definitely be happy to assist you in the process.


Will it be a good idea to discuss the full thing with you ? Maybe to seek an advise ?


Hey @mannu2110 ,

The right person to seek advice would be the HR team of HCL. Connect with them as they would know more about their policies and procedures.



Thanks …we did …but din get satisfactory response

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Hi mannu2110,

Sincere condolence…

Just want to know if was there a significant difference between the 2 nominations?
I understand that you just want to hear opinions for you to maybe better understand the decisions made by the company… You mentioned you did not get a satisfactory response - so will it be okay for you to share more details here…

Our views and opinions may not be what the company followed, but it may support or negate and it will in a way help Mannu understand the scenario from an HRs point of view…



I assume that the company followed the 1st nomination … :thinking:

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yes i read the article

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