Full & Final settlement documentation after death of employee


One of our employees got expired in January 2021 due to Covid. He had completed 3 years of service. We have asked his family members to submit his death certificate, nomination letter and ID proof of nominee. We have also calculated his F&F which includes his Salary for Jan, Gratuity, Leave encashment etc.

Please let me know if we need to collect some more papers from his family. Also I want to know whether we should prepare his settlement letters / documentation in his name or his nominee’s name.

Please guide.

Thanks & Regards,


Hi @manasi.parulekar

Till now whatever documents were collected are perfect. When it comes to nominees ‘wife’ will be the first preference and there on the hierarchy.

All the settlement dues and letters in his name should be handed over to the nominee. Payee would be nominee (as per their name).


  • Determine what documentation (i.e., certified death certificate) is needed to process benefits paperwork for life insurance, pension/401(k), workers compensation death benefits, etc.

  • Follow normal termination procedures to ensure all equipment, keys, credit cards, etc. are returned and security issues are addressed.