Procedure after submitting form 3a for wages more than 15000

Hi Experts,

My previous company has transferred amount to EPS though my wages was more than 15000 when i joined in 2017. I have quit the company in Jul 2023. Employer has submitted revised form 3A recently and it got rectified in statement. I tried submitting form 10C to withdraw but again i got rejection saying the same reason. Am i submitting the correct form post the revision? Should i apply with form 10C or with form 19?

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Here is an old thread almost dealing with a similar issue. Please refer


Hi Senthil,

As far as the Form 3A submitted by the employer and your subsequent submission of Form 10C is correct with respect to Pension withdrawal. Form 10C is for Pension withdrawal and Form 19 is for PF final settlement. There is option to submit composite claim form as well.

As you are receiving rejection, it will be better you raise your grievance with the PF authorities in the portal for further clarification. Or, you may reach out to your nearby PF consultant for guidance in resolving this gap expeditiously.

I am sharing the [FAQs for online claim] ( and information booklet for EPF members that guides about various modes of communication options provided by EPFO for quicker resolutions.

Hope this helps.

Bhuvana Anand


Hi Thank you very much.

I have filed the grievance and below is the response:

“concerning your grievance, it is apprised that your grievance has been forwarded to the concerned section for necessary action. The matter has been under examination at their end for the resolution of your grievance. Inconvenience is highly regretted. Redressal will be intimated to you shortly. Thank you”

I am submitting the form 10C again to see if any positive this time.

Thank you !